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Korean Bilingual Master Contents Provider(MCP) / Irvine, CA / Engineering / SHA700707

Irvine, CA

Job Description

1. Purpose of Position

- Responsible for the North American Master Contents Provider(MCP) server operation. Responsibilities include quality engineering (quality assurance), supporting development efforts, route logic analysis, quality validation, content provider(CP) related customer service, and daily monitoring of the CP systems. Respond to headquarter's, content providers' and other clients' requests. Collaborate with other groups to complete projects.

- Plan and perform regular/occasional field driving tests to validate and improve overall content provider data quality. Collect, interpret, and visualize driving test data for the purpose of improving user experience. Utilize necessary tools for in-depth analyses of CPs data quality, and communicate with CPs to maintain and improve the accuracy of the provided data.

- Manage relationships and coordinate efforts between various content provider organizations and all Hyundai subsidiaries. Additional obligations include supporting client tests and collaborating with headquarters. Also, support the overall systems operation between CPs, clients, and headquarters.

- Content Providers, including but not limited to: Voice Recognition(VR), Charging Stations (eg. EVgo, ChargePoint, etc), Weather, Speed Camera, Local Search, and others"
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2. Essential Functions

Operation Management
• Report daily/monthly user usage trends by cross analyzing data from the Connected Car Service (CCS) servers and Master Content Provider (MCP) servers
• Conduct regular meetings with clients and content providers to collaborate on field test operations to improve the quality of contents related services
• Monitor the status of the MCP servers and react to any malfunctions
• Communicate with the CCS team in regards to the server issues, system maintenance, and client request
• Communicate with the content providers to resolve any and all issues that arise with their data and processes
• Report map related issues to the provider and test the corrections

Content Provider (CP) and Server Validation Testing
• Research and prepare required test environments and corresponding vehicles to confirm the functionality of software
• Create and manage test cases based on the development requirements
• Execute, gather and distribute the results of tests and test cases
• Plan and conduct drive (field) tests to validate that CP data is correct and processes are functioning as well as testing the overall software update
• Conduct lab tests to validate that CP data is correct and processes are functioning
• Organize and analyze test data to identify errors and points of improvements
• Raise issues revealed from testing, check the progress of the fixes, and validate the fixes through additional testing
• Perform regular/occasional software update test
• Join the quality audit and follow up on CP related issues

Incident Management
• Respond to customer reported issues
• Respond to and analyze customer issues by investigating and identifying the root cause, reporting a solution, and recommending possible improvements

Quality Engineering
• Investigate the application of new features and perform tests for those new features
• Perform local testing for head unit related features on all available platforms
• Review existing logic and support the development team in deciding logic changes based on characteristics of NA environments

BTI Solutions
801 E Campbell Rd. Suite 230, Richardson, Texas 75081, USA
Office:+1-972-992-0030, Fax:+1-972-992-0050

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