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Regional Manager / Dallas, TX / Others / DIR-SRAM01

Dallas, TX


The Regional Manager's primary job responsibility is to supervise, direct and control day to day operations of the  apartment community by providing leadership, motivation and consistent direction to the on-site staff and the  performance of the on-site staff and the maintenance of the physical property. In addition, the Regional Manager  must be a good role model by demonstrating loyalty, honesty, moral integrity, and ethical conduct. The Regional  Manager must promote all Company philosophies, policies, and Company decisions. The Regional Manager  must be in daily contact with the Vice President of Operations. 
To enhance income and control expenses, the Regional Manager must have regular training of all site managers  regarding costs, vendors to use for the best quality and best service at the best price. The Regional Manager must  listen to suggestions and ideas from the on-site staff.


The Regional Manager's duties are vast - the most important of which is to visit each site weekly. Other  responsibilities include interviewing, selecting and developing employees to their full potential.  The Regional Manager must actively participate in all marketing endeavors to ensure the market position of the  property and become familiar with trends and major occurrences of the market and locale that may affect the  property in a positive or negative fashion. In addition, the Regional Manager must supervise maintenance,  resident services, leasing activities and vacant unit conditions to insure adherence to the guidelines of the company. An apartment community is part of a team. The Regional Manager must cooperate  with all departments in completing all tasks assigned. 


• Perform special company job assignments by the President, Executive Vice President, and Vice  President of Operations. 
• Conduct regular managers’ meetings. 
• Visit each community no less than once per week, be available 7 days a week to on-site personnel.
• Negotiate service contracts, maintenance contracts, etc.  

• Help create activities on the properties to promote a sense of community. 
• In the event of a catastrophe, i.e. fire, the Regional Manager must physically visit the site as soon as  possible to support the on-site staff.
• Personally inspect exterior and interior of the property or properties at least once per month using  approved check list(s); prepare recommendations for repair/replacements as required in coordination  with the Manager. 
• Inspect market ready units on a regular basis to insure adherence to company standards. 
• Weekly inspection of vacant units. 
• Inspect vacancy report status to ensure vacancy report is accurate and up to date. • Take an active role in scheduling the completion of vacant units and inspect the completed work to  insure adherence to company standards. 
• Personally knock-on residents’ doors between the 6th and 10th if the on-site manager needs additional  help with collections. Our current goal is zero delinquencies by the 5th of each month. 
• Review all delinquent accounts and determine action required. Work with the collection process.
• Approve, supervise and/or prepare all required employee paperwork. 

• Obtain required insurance certificates on all vendors prior to performance of work on property.
• Communicate to immediate supervisor and Property Administrator daily occurrences that affect the  communities. 

• Violation, correction, and training are direct responsibilities, and all necessary precautions must be  taken in the event of fire, personal injury, and other catastrophic events to preserve the health and well  being of all residents, staff members and the property. 
• Step in and perform Manager's duties if necessary.  
• Approve and sign all employee leases. Spot check new leases for accuracy and completeness. 
• Schedule unannounced observation and performance evaluation of on-site personnel.
• Approve/disapprove recommendations for increase or decrease in rental schedule with complete justification.  

• Approve invoices for payment. 
• Shop competition quarterly to remain aware of the market. The managers will send their monthly shops  to the Regional Manager who will make notes and send to the Vice President of Operations.
• Review monthly income/expense statements monthly and follow through with the managers the week  after receipt. 

• Implement controls, policies, procedures to conserve utilities. Monthly records must be kept of the consumption of electricity, gas and water. This information must be available to the Vice President of  Operations. 
• Spot check units that become vacant and the corresponding SODA’s; inspect vacant unit prior to  occupancy by new resident to determine condition of unit and confirm that resident has not obtained  possession early. 
• Responsible for current posting of all licenses, permits, notices, and occupancy permits required by  federal, state and local jurisdictions. 
• Support a methodical system of procedures and/or formats established for all properties. This includes  filing systems, business correspondence, purchase order procedures, rent collections, property  maintenance, personnel requirements, etc. 
• Phone shop and role play with the office staff in order to monitor staff and keep them abreast of current  leasing procedures and standards. 
• Directly responsible for completion of all property paperwork, bookkeeping by their due dates and for  daily bank postings and deposits. 
• Trash pick-up and property cleanliness. 
• Keep a notepad and pen handy to note any problems to bring to the Property Manager's attention. • Work with area maintenance supervisor to service the on-site manager as you would a contractor. If  there is no response, then contact the Vice-President of Operations. 
• Be a positive leader and role model. 
• Train new managers in all aspects of company's philosophy, policies, and  procedures. Oversee training of staff.

• Bachelor’s Degree preferred 
• 5+ Years of relevant experience 
• The ability to communicate professionally and effectively with residents, subordinates, supervisors,  vendors, and contractors 
• Strong and professional communication skills both oral and in writing 
• Strong organization skills, time, and task management skills with the ability to reprioritize
• Must have working knowledge of all financial aspects of apartment management, bookkeeping and cost  control 

• Must have knowledge of local and state laws pertaining to apartment management, marketing, leasing  and leasing training 
• A strong problem-solver through methodical/analytical practices 


• 100% Employer Paid: Medical, Dental, Vision 
• Paid Holidays, Floating Holiday, Vacation, Sick Time 
• Additional Employment Perks: 401k and 401k Match (up to 20%) 

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