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Automotive Operation Assistant / Troy, MI / Others / MML

Troy, MI

General Description:

Operations assistants work with managers and other staff members to ensure that administrative tasks are completed and that the business functions efficiently. Depending on the industry, Operations assistants can make phone calls, provide customer support, and complete paperwork.


Essential Functions:

  • Manage sample POs including pricing, commercial issues and any changes
  • Update and reflect MRD dates & changes to POs into sample schedules
  • Create NMP SO, labels including FEDEX
  • Create manual invoices and send to customer
  • Update delivery tracker with latest NMP shipments
  • Manage sample rework & long-term inventory
  • Ship updated retrofit parts for DRE
  • Check & answer open pilot ticket orders at FCA website
  • Record updated pilot tickets into the HQ PO list for HQ to ship the parts as scheduled
  • Compare the parts shipped from HQ with the invoices (or not submitted)
  • Submit invoices to FCA for pilot ticket orders & spot-buy POs.
  • Ensure that ATCO W/H ship the parts and transmit ASN to FCA for pilot ticket orders
  • Check supplier website
    a. to see when the service parts need to be sent and share the info with ATCO W/H
    b. to find the POs, updating HQ PO lists and have the parts shipped either from ATCO W/H or HQ, manually invoicing with no ASN submitted
  • Respond daily launch and shortage parts within 24hrs at eDDL system and relay the launch and shortage issues with HQ via email
  • Conduct GERP SO and PO creation (price from Sales or HQ) – GPIRS orders
  • Work with Sales team to resolve 8D root cause report (trouble ticket for order) as needed to send back to Ford
            – such as ASN Timeliness, Unanswered shortages, CUM imbalance, ASN accuracy
  • Check Ford eDDL, GPRIS daily, communicate any issues back to HQ


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science industrial engineering
  • SW required engineering - Understanding of Software architecture and Software development process Software test strategy - Able to test in International Standards (ISO, IEC, IEEE 29119) of unit

Must have the following competencies:

  • Be an analytical thinker/Problem Solver/Decision Maker
  • Have excellent time management/Resource management
  • Organized planner/Attention to detail
  • Results oriented/Takes initiative
  • Development of others/Teamwork
  • Innovative/Creative
  • Build Relationships/Client Focused/Service Minded
  • Self-motivated, responsible in work
  • Positive mindset and active personality
  • Great interpersonal skills/Communicator

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