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Finance Manager / Bellevue, WA / Business / AM758769

Bellevue, WA
Job Title: Finance Manager
Job Location: Bellevue, WA

Ultimate responsibility is to manage the overall BOPIPS(Buy Online Pickup In Store) with BBY program and performance. This includes reporting of overall revenues recognized by eCom, overall credits and debits provided to and refunded back by BBY, maintaining and providing data to record accruals and reconcile accruals to payments, chargeback aging maintenance, and assurance of proper reclass of sell-in revenue/CGS from BBY Account team to eCom Account team.

1) Maintain Master List of SKUs available for BOPIS and work with BBY to maintain Master Index File of BBY current WAC, DFI, and other VPA programs (BM, NRA, etc.) to be utilized to understand reconciliations.
a. File should be updated monthly and also SEA sell-in price included to check for any upfront variances (will speed weekly or monthly reconciliations).
b. Eventually, this file can replace other Big Data feeds and be a one-for-all source if we find process is working (vs. sell-in reports and est. of DFI, BM, NRA, MDF, etc)

2) Reconcile eCom WAC and Fulfillment fee refund est. posting (Step 5.1) to actual credits taken by BBY. Will require review and understanding of DFI (Discount From Invoice Adjustments) which drive variances between eCom calculated WAC and BBY WAC taken. Research any variances and differences that cannot be understood from price changes to rounding differences.
a. Post credit memo to BBY to BBY AR Accounts (will be inclusive of DFI amounts that we receive at month-end to reconcile against 5.1 accrual, and result in CM and DM posting to AR).
b. Post any differences to eCom Revenue with understand and accepted variance amount
c. Current posting is set to monthly cadence, but will move to weekly cadence as process is stabilized where we can add further steps. Review should still be weekly to ensure no outliers exist.

3) Before month-end, for all BOPIS transactions, provide expected SD and MDF refunds at summary and transaction level to respective CE and IM BBY NR, as well as Sales Finance, contacts to submit negative accrual against SD and MDF Conditions for amounts that BBY owes us for refunds. In other words, SD and MDF month-end accruals should be reduced by estimated refunds due to SEA by BBY.
a. Upon receipt of BBY AP Portal Report the following month for SD and MDF refunds, provide invoice to BBY NR and Sales Finance contacts for payment against conditions, and true-up entry.

4) Reclass sell-in revenue / CGS from BBY Account team to SEA eCom on a monthly basis.
a. Work with BBY Account team and provide monthly summary of SD/MDF Refunds, along with amounts of sell-in reclasses to eCom from BBY Account team.
b. It should be verified that BBY Account team should be net neutral and this needs to be reviewed and ensured.

5) Work with Big Data on any necessary reporting changes to meet above objectives, as well as quickly fixing any data discrepancies or interruptions, that could impact financial process. We will need to ensure that we have immediate Big Data support upfront to make quick, unforeseen changes.
a. This includes managing current VPAs and giving Big Data updates on any DFI or SD/MDF related calculations by product group.

6) Review respective BBY AR Accounts where BBY is taking and giving DM and CM adjustments to ensure no missed or aged items that need to be reconciled and resolved. The above reconciliations should hopefully cover, but there should be a check-all, as well, to ensure no aged open chargebacks on BBY AR Account utilized for this program (will be exclusive account).

I would look for an Accounting/Finance individual (likely early Manager level to ensure that they can react to and recommend/improvements in the process) for this role. The role will require overall management, as well as working-level processing. My gut says 5-8 years of experience, but really depends on their background.

Then the usual requirements
• Strong excel and analytical skills
• Ability to work in environment with tight deadlines and multi-task
• Ability to understand and reconcile how transactions and projects impact different areas of a Company’s Business.
• Experience managing project performance, working-level adjustments and functionality
• Experience with high-volume reconciliation projects and working with large data sets
• Experience in dealing with higher-level Finance and Business Area employees
• Etc.


• GRV and Access (Reconciliation and submittal of 5% payments due to IMM, as well as refunds due from IMM for Upgraded or Cancelled Orders)
• Promo Reconciliation (especially involvement in the creation of coupon codes to help eCom identifiy which promos will be adjusted at month-end for forecast accuracy and easier adjustment)
• Other eCom Programs (i.e. eCom entered a program where if you by a B2 or Q2, then SEA would pay off their TD Bank balance of previous phone if traded to SEA. This intermingles with SuP adjustments and if not correctly identified will impact the previous SKU and not B2 or Q2. This program was initiated without process setup to reconcile).


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