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Insights Analyst / Bellevue, WA / Business / AM756733

Bellevue, WA
Top Must Have Skills:

• 5+ years of experience
• ADVANCED WORKING SQL and DATA ANALYSIS SKILLS ARE MUST HAVE – should have experience writing SQL queries from scratch, and provide meaningful insights from the data.
• Visualization tools such as Tableau , Power BI and MicroStrategy
• Ability to research and contribute (from an analyst perspective) on API development and database design.


• Ability to analyze business trends and project future revenues and expenses.
• Familiarity with the identification and resolution of issues working with disparate sources of data and data quality issues.
• Exceptional critical reasoning, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Ability to lay out edge cases, identify dependencies and lay out the if/then in any scenario.
• Verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, customer service and interpersonal skills.
• Experience with experimentation and measurement tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or homebuilt systems
• Ability to work independently and manage one’s time.
• Ability to apply accounting and mathematical principles to work as needed.

Job Responsibilities:

• Identify issues or opportunities to improve process
• Proactively work with business units and teams to understand and translate data-driven initiatives and potential ideas into fully developed IT services and solutions.
• Synthesize ideas and suggestions from stakeholders and users to determine what to build based on business priorities, strategy and vision.
• Ensure that proposed solutions fit and built within planned and existing technical architectures
• Advise business units on how to leverage our existing enterprise wide analytics technologies, platforms and data assets in the most effective and efficient manner.
• Establish and maintain communication services across business units or from the project team to the organization.
• Maintain the storage and retrieval of all project communications data and business metrics.
• Establish and document business processes.
• Set up project and work breakdown structures.

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