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Deliverability Consultant / Ridgefield Park, NJ / Business / SN797797

Ridgefield Park, NJ
<Monitoring tool/reporting>
-Creation of an online panel monitoring the results of the conducted marketing campaigns on the deliverability of all sent e-mailings for the selected period (Ex: % of the successful deliveries broken down by email clients, % of unsuccessful mailings).
< Monthly report and recommendation>
-Report of deliverability analysis sent twice a month containing deliverability health status and business recommendations on how to keep a good deliverability, or action to take to not damage deliverability.
-Each report will contain KPI's for the last deliveries sent including metrics for open/ delivered / complaints / opt out / user unknown rates, bad KPI deliveries, KPI's for pool of IPs, broadlogs status breakdown, chart of open rate vs success, delivered rate, optout rate. A misc. section can be added when needed to provide additional information (top targeted domains over time, total volume delivered over time to detect spikes in activity).
-Alerts can be automatically sent when monitoring tool detects issues with the sending: bad weekly KPIs (number of unreachable customers, high optout or spam rate), high weight image, unreachable image.
< Advanced monitoring>
-The deliverability expert will monitor the sending out to make sure the best practices are respected on a technical and functional aspect (Ex: Recommendation on sending volume trends, HTML errors or non-recommended tags, respect of ratio of inactive users).
-The deliverability expert can also react quickly if an issue is going on and stop the sending (too many messages going to spam and IPs in risk of getting blacklisted). SDSA will share the next-weeks estimated target volume on every Thursday/Friday to get advanced monitoring.
< Consulting Expertise>
- Analyze KPIs on a regular basis, share recommendations, manage relationship with ISPs, provide technical assistance, and follow-up post incident. His role is also to provide explanation on the different indicators and manage expectations.

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