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Software QA Engineer 1 / Plano, TX / Mobile / AM739782

Plano, TX
  Job Description: Summary:
The main function of a software QA engineer is to research and test the design, functionality and maintenance of software, systems and processes and develop quality standards. A typical software QA engineer has the ability to read and interpret technical languages including but not limited to Javascript, C++, etc.
Job Responsibilities:
  Review and test written logical database descriptions and identifiers.
  Analyses software programs for bugs and errors in written code, through the conducting of system tests and requirement checks.
  Facilitate the maintenance and repair to software programs when bugs arise.
  May specialize in areas of quality control engineering, such as design, incoming material, process control, product evaluation, product reliability, inventory control, automated testing, software, research and development, and administrative application.
  Coordinate testing activities.
  Develop automation scripts using open source tools.
  Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
  Team player and detail oriented.
  Ability to read and write software code, performance analytics, and systems software.
  Ability to troubleshoot issues and make changes as needed to resolve issues   Knowledge of computer development software as it relates to systems, such as SQL, VisualBasic, etc.
  Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field required.
  0-2 years experience required.

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