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SW QA Engineer 1 / Plano, TX / Mobile / AM734783

Plano, TX

*BTI solutions offers a competitive health insurance (Dental, Vision, and life insurance included) to our employees.

Top Three Skills:
1. QA background
2. Engineering degree
3. Coding experience (C++ ) or debugging experience

Preferred: Bilingual in Korean

Education: Bachelors in Education

Additional Notes: Business etiquette and team player is important.

The main function of a software QA engineer is to research and test the design, functionality and maintenance of software, systems and processes and develop quality standards. A typical software QA engineer has the ability to read and interpret technical languages including but not limited to Javascript, C++, etc.

Job Responsibilities:
� Review and test written logical database descriptions and identifiers.
� Analyses software programs for bugs and errors in written code, through the conducting of system tests and requirement checks.
� Facilitate the maintenance and repair to software programs when bugs arise.
� May specialize in areas of quality control engineering, such as design, incoming material, process control, product evaluation, product reliability, inventory control, automated testing, software, research and development, and administrative application.
� Coordinate testing activities.
� Develop automation scripts using open source tools.

� Creativity, verbal and written communication skills, analytical and problem solving ability.
� Team player and detail oriented.
� Ability to read and write software code, performance analytics, and systems software.
� Ability to troubleshoot issues and make changes as needed to resolve issues
� Knowledge of computer development software as it relates to systems, such as SQL, VisualBasic, etc.

� Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field required.
� 0-2 years experience required.

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